Organization Objectives



1. Preserve the heritage of the Holocaust, Resistance and Heroism .

2. Fight anti-Semitism and neo-Nazism around the globe.

3. Assist in publishing books and memoirs concerning the resistance.

4. Disseminate information in Israel and abroad about the holocaust and resistance.

5. Organize cultural events as per the mission and objectives stated here.

6. Videotape and collecting personal testimonies on the resistance in the ghettos,  concentration camps and forests.

7.  Assist the needed, sick and frail organization members .

8.  Members lecturing and giving "live testimonies” on the holocaust and resistance in schools, military units, educational institutions and wherever required.

9.  Memorialize the resistance fighters in the " Fighters Memorial Project”.

10.  Operate and enrich our web-site both in Hebrew and English on relevant issues.

11. Organize group travel to the battle, resistance and underground sites

12.  Initiate and promote erection of memorials and memorial plaques.

13.  Initiate and promote the search of hitherto unknown graves and burial sites.

14.  Bring the fallen comrades to proper cemeteries.

15.  Publish bulletins and letters on the events and activity in the organization.

16.  Contacts and mutual activity with organizations and establishments on the subjects of holocaust, martyrdom and resistance .

Organization of Partisans  Underground Fighters  and Ghetto Rebels in Israel 
Arlozorov Street 102, P.O. Box 16146, Tel Aviv, Israel  Telefax: 972-3-5273564


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