In the year 1953, the State of Israel established the Yad Vashem Authority, and passed the Holocaust and Heroism Law:

To commemorate the daring of Jews who sacrificed their lives in holiness and purity for their people.
To commemorate the heroism of Jewish soldiers and Underground fighters, in the towns and forests, who risked their lives on the batttlefields, against the Nazi oppressor and his accomplices.
To commemorate the supreme and constant struggle to preserve their humanity and Jewish culture, on the brink of the destruction of the Jewish people.
To commemorate the efforts of the illegal immigration of the imprisoned and to commemorate the devotion and heroism of the comrades, who came to rescue and liberated the survivors.

Fighters International Commemoration Project ("Fighters Page")

The project, bared on the Yad-Vashem principles,  commemorates the names of Jewish Resistors against the Nazis, in all the occupied areas, whether they fell or died or are still alive.  Also included in the project are individuals who, although not part of an organized group, stood bravely against the murderers.  The information includes basic details about the fighter, his or her photo, a short biography of 12-15 lines and a bibliography, and is available in Hebrew and English.  One can view and copy the data at our website or at the website of the Ghetto Fighters' House.

For those who are interested, a framed copy in color, on special paper, is available from the organization, at a reasonable price.


This website is named after the late Mr. Moshe Kalcheim,
former chairman of the Partisan Organization.

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