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Moshe (Erno) Weiszkopf
Birth country: Hungary
Birth city: Budapest
Birth date: 01/01/1922
After the German invasion of Hungary on 19.3.1944, Moshe equipped himself with Aryan documents under the name of Horák Pál. He himself forged documents. Moshe went to Miskolc in order to distribute documents among the Jews there. He returned to Budapest where he also distributed forged documents. He transferred grenades, ammunition, information and documents. He was active in “Department A”, the children’s department, on Wekerle Street under the auspices of the International Red Cross. He delivered food to the children’s houses in a truck and gathered Jewish orphans mainly from the ghetto. Part of the time he operated while wearing the uniform of the Arrow Cross Party. During one of his missions he was caught but managed to escape in a cunning way. After the liberation he obtained food for orphaned Jewish children.

In Israel he owned an office for the planning of electricity works.

Occupation: See Biography
War organization: Bnei Akiva
War undergound: Underground
War unit:
Country of combat: Hungary
Region of combat: Mishkoltz & Budapest
City combat:
Framework of combat:
Death date:
Death place: 7.8.1986
Death reason:

Organization of Partisans  Underground Fighters  and Ghetto Rebels in Israel 
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