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(Reichman) Itzchak Avidov Pasha
Birth country: Poland
Birth city: Soliov
Birth date: 09/04/1917
In his youth, Itzchak was a member of the Polish Communist Youth and was active in the Textile Workers' Trade Union in Lodz. In 1939, he participated in the defense of Warsaw. After the fall of the city, Itzchak went with his wife, Dora, to the Soviet-occupied area.With the outbreak of war between Germany and the USSR (1941), he organized, together with Grishka and Mishka Edelstein, a group of underground youngsters. They stole rifle parts, from which they assembled makeshift rifles. In July 1942, the group which numbered 21 men and women, left for the forest. After establishing themselves, they began sabotaging operations and collection of weapons. Contact was made with Ukrainian clandestine communists, with the aim of organizing local resistance. A connection was also formed with a group of Soviet soldiers,parachuted behind the lines. At a meeting of the two groups, it was decided to form a joint unit, and so the partisan battalion, under the command of mayor Kartuchin , established within the framework of the Diadia Petia Brigade.In one of the operations, Itzchak was wounded, but returned to military combat soon afterwards. In January 1944, with the liberation of Sarny, the Reichman couple were released and went to live in Sarny, there Pasha was a recruiting office. Simultanuously, Pasha worked in the "Bricha", organizing Jewish survivors ti emigrate to Israel. In September 1944, he met Abba Kovner in Lublin. Together with Kovner,Lidovsky,Michaeli and Dr. Feldshue, they founded the group "Nakam" (Vengeance). Kovner was the head, and Pasha his deputy. From September 1945, when Kovner went as emissary to Israel, Pasha became acting head.In June 1946 Itzchak immigrated to Israel.
War organization: Communist Youth
War undergound:
War unit: Brigage "Diadia Petia"
Country of combat: Ukraine
Region of combat: Wohlin Forests
City combat:
Framework of combat:
Death date:
Death place:
Death reason:

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