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Eliyahu Yones Elke
Birth country: Poland
Birth city: Vilna
Birth date: 25/12/1915
Born in Vilna. His mother died when he was young and he was raised by relatives. As part of his attempt to support himself and continue his studies, became a much-loved leader/educator of the street-children. In 1936, as a result of a lecture which he gave at a conference of leaders and educators, was invited by Dr. Max Weinreich to YIVO, which gave him the opportunity for formal study. But the outbreak of WWII in 1939 curtailed his plans. Eliyahu left Vilna, was a teacher in Braslav, Zdolbunov and studied at the conservatory in Lvov. When the Germans occupied Lvov was imprisoned in the ghetto and afterwards was sent to a labor camp in East Galicia. In the summer of 1943, left the camp for the surrounding forests and joined the partisan battalion operating in the area. After the region was liberated, was drafted into the Red Army and continued the struggle against the Germans. Was wounded in battle and lost a leg. After the war, worked with survivors in Germany. Made aliya in 1950 and worked in the Broadcasting Authority of Kol Israel.
War organization:
War undergound: Partisans
War unit: "Medvedev" Battalion
Country of combat: Ukraine
Region of combat: East Galicia
City combat:
Framework of combat:
Death date:
Death place:
Death reason:

Organization of Partisans  Underground Fighters  and Ghetto Rebels in Israel 
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