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Aharon Frumer
Birth country: Poland
Birth city: Hrubeishow
Birth date: 01/01/1920
An active member of Dror in Hrubieshow and the environs. During the German occupation he was imprisoned in the local ghetto, where he was active in the Underground. He was murdered by the Germans, in the summer of 1942, when they liquidated the ghetto.
Occupation: Member
War organization: Dror
War undergound: Underground (Local Underground)
War unit: Not indicated
Rank: Not indicated
Country of combat: Poland
Region of combat: Hrubieshow
City combat:
Framework of combat:
Death date:
Death place: 05/09/1942, Hrubieshow Ghetto
Death reason:

Organization of Partisans  Underground Fighters  and Ghetto Rebels in Israel 
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