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(Malkin) Ida Malchin
Birth country: Poland
Birth city: Warsaw
Birth date:
When Warsaw was occupied by the Germans, Ida was imprisoned in the local ghetto, where she was a member of the Spartacus underground group. She was caught while working in an underground press, and sent on a train to Auschwitz. On the way she jumped from the train and broke her leg. Some peasants found her and looked after her. In spite of the limp caused by her fall, she joined the partisans in the forest. During the siege of her unit she was caught and murdered.
Occupation: Fighter
War organization: Communist Party
War undergound: Underground & Partisans (Jewish Fighting Organizat
War unit:
Rank: Private
Country of combat: Poland
Region of combat: Lublin Forests
City combat:
Framework of combat:
Death date:
Death place: Lublin Forests
Death reason:

Organization of Partisans  Underground Fighters  and Ghetto Rebels in Israel 
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