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Adam Halpern
Birth country: Poland
Birth city: Warsaw
Birth date:
Halpern was Deputy Commander of a Betar group in northern Warsaw but, in fact, was the Commander. He was one of the founders of the Z.Z.W. in the winter of 1940-1941 and participated in the Warsaw Ghetto Revolt. The day after the outbreak of the revolt, on April 20, he was with a unit of Betar fighters holding a position on Mornovska Street. Halpern was captured by the Germans and sent to the Treblinka death camp. On the way he managed to jump from the train, entered the forest and after a few days of wandering, met some members of the Red Army who had been parachuted into the area. Halpern was suspected by the paratroopers of being a German spy, but through the efforts of one of the paratroopers, a Jew, he succeeded in freeing himself of this suspicion. After he was permitted to go on his way, he met a group of Jewish partisans connected with the Polish Armia Ludowa, who accepted him into their ranks.
After the war he was active in the B'richa movement, and made aliya.
War organization: Betar
War undergound: Ghetto Fighters & Partisans
War unit: Jewish Armed Union (Z.Z.W.)
Country of combat: Poland
Region of combat: Warsaw Ghetto
City combat:
Framework of combat:
Death date:
Death place:
Death reason:

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