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Gerszon Alef - Bulkowiak Gustaw
Birth country: Poland
Birth city: Not indicated
Birth date: Jan 1 1901

At first he was imprisoned in the Warsaw Ghetto, where he was one of the organizers of the P.P.R. He fled from the ghetto in August 1942 and joined the ranks of the fighters of the Polish Armia Ludowa and was appointed commander of a unit. He wandered with his unit from one area to another - Radom, Minsk Mazowiecki and fought against the Germans. He fulfilled other important missions for the A.L. High Command.

After the liberation of Poland he became part of the its security leadership.  

Occupation: Not Indicated
War organization: Partia Polska Robot (P.P.R.)
War undergound: Local Underground
War unit: Armia Ludowa (A.L.)
Rank: Captain
Job: Commander
Country of combat: Poland
Region of combat: Lublin Area
City combat:
Framework of combat: Underground and Partisans
Death date: Not indicated
Death place: Not indicated
Death reason: Not indicated
Underground and Partisans

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